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The pictures drawn are my mind's images, the pictures taken my memories stored. The stories written are my mind's escape, the poetry more of a diary for me than any other thing this world provides. Looking through this gallery is looking through my soul. Are you sure you want to take a peak?



Dreaming Is Living
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
In an instant, anything can happen, but it will only last just that. Then, when the moment is over, there is no getting it back. It is gone forever, only ever living again within memory. Every moment is precious, every memory important. Spend your time wisely, be sure to never regret. Don't forget to always remember. Don't forget to never forget.


Current Residence: Pelennor Fields, Nebraska
Favourite genre of music: The kind that strums a key within you.
Favourite photographer: The kind that brings life to the stillness.
Favourite style of art: The kind that reveals the beauty within everything.
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: I got a Sylvania for my birthday?
Wallpaper of choice: The ones that catch my attention at any given time.
Skin of choice: My own, I suppose, though I wouldn't mind some tattoos.
Favourite cartoon character: The Cheshire Cat, hands down.
Personal Quote: We were born to dream, because without a dream, life is meaningless...
I wanted to begin this journal with an apology. I have left this account in a state of disarray that shames me. For my negligence and my absence, I apologize.

Over the next few months, please expect to see a rather dramatic overhaul of this entire account. I will be putting deviations into storage, deleting old journals that are either outdated, unnecessary or otherwise just need to be deleted. My goal is to make this a much more professional account as well as a more accessible account.

I realize that I have been gone for some time. The laptop that I have been using for a majority of my projects over the last four years has gone on to the pasture. I may be able to salvage the hard drive, but the machine itself has essentially died. Had it not been for this, I was originally hoping to come back December of last year. My truly wonderful partner spoiled me and bought me my own computer in May, although we only just set it up and got it working today. If the hard drive is salvageable and the programs installed upon it are not damaged or inaccessible for any reason, I may be able to begin posting art again as early as later this month. If I am forced to wipe the hard drive in order to use it, then it will be a considerable time from now. Aside from the obvious technical issues with my return, I allowed life to get in the way of my availability. In many ways, this is my own fault.

Ideally, I am hoping to find a happy balance this time around. I am still working, I am currently going to school and I am in a steady and healthy relationship. These will take up some of my time - of that I am sure. However, I am going to make it my mission to ensure that they do not take up all of my time. That being said, I have set goals and challenges for myself for the foreseeable future. I will now be writing 1,000 words per day. This is regardless of work, school or love-life. If there is a funeral, I will write after the service. If there is a wedding, I will write after the reception. If I go to Disneyland, I will be making sure to bring something with me that I can type with for the morning before or the night after. This is nonnegotiable for me.
For every day that I do not write, the 1,000 words will be added on to the following day. The amount will continue to accrue for as long as I hold off on it. Essentially, this is a roll over requirement. If this goes smoothly and according to plan, I will be upping my daily count. Another challenge is five drawings per month. This is a minimum and does not count sketches. By five drawings, I mean five fully rendered, colored and completed artistic renderings of something that I decide to create. Much like my writing goal, these accrue over time. The only instance where I will give myself any leverage is if my hard drive is inaccessible or if I am lacking in necessary tools between pay checks.

This is an ongoing effort, something that I will try to keep all of my faithful dreamers updated on as it progresses. Thank you, all of you, for your kind words, support and friendship. I could never have gotten this far without you all and I look forward to seeing where this will take us.

I'm finally back.

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While playing hopscotch one day at the park you are suddenly knocked back by an unexpected punch to the face. You land on soft grass and as you pick yourself up you look around to find yourself surrounded by eccentric looking individual making strange mumbling noises as they move around you while others summersaulted around you. Their faces were hideously grey with morbidly grey skin and red eyes while their chests had had the letter Z engraved into it. “I.R is backing HA HA HA, stupid faving person now you feel the hate and pain of I.R as I sick Putties on youing” said a short Babbon in a white shirt that had the letter I and R written upside down, who stood on a flying platform. “NOT TODAY I.R!” said a voice out of nowhere. All heads turned to the direction the voice was coming from. “ALRIGHT GUYS IT’S MORPHING TIME” said a Caucasian man dressed in jeans, red t-shirt and red stripped a vest. Beside him were five other individuals each person dressed in their own separate colors of black, pink, blue, yellow and the last person was mixed colors, in fact the last person looked older than the rest and out of place with his oversized chin and a large bulge in his pants which could have indicated he was having an erection. They all put their hands out and forward and yelled “MASTODON!” “PTERODACTYL!” “SABER TOOTH TIGER!” “TRICERATOPS!” “TYRANNOSAURUS!” “PERVERTED HERMIT GIGGITTY GIGGITTY GOO!” Their clothes transformed into uniquely designed outfits with their helmet representing what they shouted out, expect for the perverted hermit, his clothes transformed into a hermit with a large shell on his back and still having that large bulge on the front of his pants. “Perverted hermit? Wait there isn’t a sixth ranger with that name, just who the hell are you?” asked the red ranger to the hermit. “Uh the green rangers sick for the day so I’m stepping in for him, names Quagmire GIGGITTY!” “My God are you having a boner?!” yelled the pink ranger “Yeah its morning wood and afternoon wood and night wood as well but enough of that we got some ass to kick” said Quagmire. Soon The Power Rangers and The Perverted Hermit Substituting For The Green Ranger had over powered and defeated the Putties. “GRRRRR STUPID POWER RANGERS AND HERMIT PERVERTING, IR WILL GET YOU AND FAVOR NEXT TIME” Yelled the baboon as he flew away on his floating platform. “Well another favor saved today, thank you for faving at Mobis-New-Nest” said the red ranger as he shakes your hand “Great job rangers we defeated evil once again and thank you uh hermit” said the red ranger “Hey don’t mention it happy to help all of you guys and gals GIGGITTY GIGGITTY GOO!” “Uh hermit maybe you can help me by taking your hand of my breast” said the pink ranger.
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