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Reasons for Silence

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 26, 2011, 12:34 PM
As all of you more than definitely know, there has been a natural catastrophe in Japan recently and there are a great many other deviants stepping up and saying something about it. Usually, I too would be saying something as well, but I have been silent. I do have a reason, and it is this: I wanted to get my facts straight before plunging you all in head first along side me.
I am honored to say that I am currently watching a deviant by the name of yuumei who was calm headed enough to set the record straight for people like myself as well as for the people jumping down each others throats because they believe that one way of helping is better than another. For those of you who want to learn more about the situation, please feel free to check out her journal to do so. Update: You can now also check out sylphielmetallium's journal to find out what you can do if you don't have the money to donate yourself.
So, in order to help as much as I can, I would like to dedicate my commissions to aiding the efforts in Japan. All profit will go to the Red Cross. Edit: When I say that, I mean you would not pay me for the commissions. You would be donating directly to the Red Cross instead of paying me at all. All you'd have to do is send me a screen capture of your receipt showing that you did donate and then I would do your commission based on the amount you donated. Since I don't have a job yet after the move, this is all that I can do. I would really appreciate your help in all of this! Thank you, and please do what you can to help Japan, even if it's just spreading the word and watching a youtube video.

-C. Dreams

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Submitted on
March 26, 2011